Perry Barbaruolo

Perry Barbaruolo - Business Leader in New Jersey

New Jersey resident Perry Barbaruolo became a partner and chief operating officer at Atlantic Freight in Elizabeth in 1980. His responsibilities with the logistics firm included management of all daily operations. Under Perry Barbaruolo’s leadership, Atlantic Freight grew from a small startup employing three workers to an employer of more than 600 people at multiple locations throughout the Northeast.

A major accomplishment at Mr. Barbaruolo’s firm involved one of the largest solar installation projects in the region during the early 2000s. He served with the company until 2015, when Atlantic Freight was acquired by XPO Logistics.

While leading operations at Atlantic Freight, Perry Barbaruolo founded PB Logistics in 2010 as company president. He continued to drive operations at the logistics consulting and commercial warehouse management services provider as he founded Relentless Fitness and Training, Inc., a business he continues to run as partner and chief financial officer. He expanded his business activities by becoming the president of Millstone Township’s PB Slater 3, a residential property investment company.

Perry Barbaruolo

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Perry Barbaruolo
Freehold, NJ USA